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Argante's Well
Tuesday, 6 December 2005
Creating Your Own Spells
Topic: Spells

One of the first things that a new Witch asks is "Where do I find spells?"

There are some spellbooks out there that you can buy and there are a few websites that post some spells (usually charging for them). Some people feel perfectly comfortable using the spells of another, but it is not always advisable.

You see, it is your faith, your energy and your visualization that makes the spell work. Focusing on the kind of Spell you wish to perform while gathering the items you will use to craft the Spell, such as herbs, oils, candles, poppets and so forth, can intensify the energy within you that is necessary for the successful working of the Spell.

I have provided many correspondances here and have included the magickal purposes they are commonly used for so you can put together the items you have on hand and craft your own Spells. For those who prefer a "recipe book" of Spells, I have included some of those as well. Do try to create your own Spells.

To create your own spell all you have to do is focus on your intention and consult the correspondances for the tools you will use. After you have gathered all of the materials you will use, you should compose a simple chant for your spell. It sometimes helps if the words rhyme.

Many Witches think that the phases of the moon should be used to determine the best time to do spellwork. From the New Moon to the Full Moon the moon is waxing. This is the time to get things to come to you. From the Full Moon to the New Moon the moon is waning. This is the time to get things to go away from you. The times of the greatest power are the actual Full Moon and New Moon.

Here's an example of how to write a Spell:

Let's say that you are having financial problems and you need a little extra money. You could do something as simple as burning a green candle, preferably on a Full Moon. Or you might burn a green candle annointed with prosperity oil and sprinkled with wealth powder. If you have some tumbled gemstones on hand, you might lay out a crystal grid around your candle. You might also put together a prosperity sachet to carry with you. In addition you could take a prosperity bath while visualizing the water being turned into a pool of money. Your Spell could include any one of these actions or all of them could be crafted into a ritual.

For Candle Magick, you could write a simple chant to repeat as you watch the candle burn, such as:

Candle green, full of light
Hear my call this very night
Bring me money as I call
Wealth unto me now befall!

Remember to visualize money coming to you. Try not to specify the source of the money or a particular amount of money. Just visualize an adequate amount of money being with you. If you were to say that you wanted the money to come from winning the lottery, you could stop money from coming to you by other sources such as insurance settlements, repayment of loans, financial gifts from friends or family, bonuses from work, and so forth. The same thing is true about the amount of money. If you say that you want $1,000.00 you might throw away the opportunity to receive $5,000.00. Don't limit your Magick!

Let's say that you are in real financial straights and the moon is waning. If you follow the cycles of the Moon in your Magick, this would not really be a good time to ask money to come to you, would it?

Try working the spell in reverse. Instead of asking for money to come, ask for your debts and bills to go. Burn a black candle to banish your bills. You could even place your bills under the candle holder as you repeat the chant that you wrote that might go something like:

Black candle, full of light,
Take away my bills tonight.
Move my bills so far away
Make them go before the day.

Any herbs, oils, candle colors, crystals, etc. that have banishing properties can be used.

Can you see that getting rid of your bills serves the same purpose as getting money with which to pay your bills?

Don't worry about whether or not you are doing your spell correctly. It is YOUR Spell. You can create it any way that you want to. Remember that it is your Faith, your Energy and your Visualization that will bring the Spell to fruition.


Posted by 4magicknow at 2:10 AM EST
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Monday, 5 December 2005
Topic: General
Merry Meet! It is so nice to have you drop by the sacred grove. Please feel free to wander around and see all of the information we have to offer you.

This Blog of Shadows is Under Construction, so please bear with me as transfer the information over from my previous website.

Posted by 4magicknow at 1:21 AM EST
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